If you are looking for commercial or domestic pest control services in Northamptonshire, look no further than B-Discreet Pest Control Services.

We help both business owners and residents in the local area to deal with emergency pest control issues as well as ongoing pest control prevention services to keep their premises free from common pests.

If you live or work in the Northamptonshire area, our friendly and experienced team of pest controllers will be able to help you quickly and discreetly. We understand that you need discreet pest control services, especially if you have a business and need to keep your building free from flying and crawling pests for health, safety and hygiene reasons.

B-Discreet services cover the following places across Northamptonshire: Brixworth, Corby, Daventry, Flore, Kettering, Northampton city, Oundle, Rushden, Thrapston, Towcester, Wellingborough and surrounding areas.

Why choose B-Discreet?

Our team already provide our outstanding pest control services to many local businesses, including leading restaurants and catering companies in the area.

We also provide a domestic service to private residents in the local area that needs help to eradicate an insect or rodent infestation and have successfully rid many Northamptonshire properties of mice, rats, wasp nests, ants, fleas and other crawling and biting pests.

No matter whether you need our services for your home, business premises or you have a pest problem on your farm, do not hesitate to call on our highly experienced and knowledgeable team.

Environmentally friendly options

We understand that many people are now looking for environmentally-friendly pest control solutions to their pest problems. This is especially important for homeowners with ponds or wants to attract local birdlife to their gardens.

Our team at B-Discreet work very conscientiously, so we will always offer you the most environmentally-friendly solution possible to help with your pest problem.

When working in family homes with children and pets, we are always mindful of using the most family-friendly techniques and tools that don’t put your children or family pets at risk.

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Most effective pest control in Northampton

Our team at B-Discreet are fully trained and highly qualified in handling and applying pesticides and insecticides that are not available over the counter to the general public. This is why the methods of pest control we use are far more effective than any DIY solution.

Most householders and business owners don’t realise that if they use over the counter insecticides and pesticides incorrectly, it can be extremely harmful to both you, your children, family pets, your staff and anyone using your premises.

With B-Discreet, you can trust that with our qualifications and years of experience, we have the right pest control solution you can trust to get it right the first time.

Why not get in touch with our friendly team at B-Discreet today to let us help solve your pest problem. We are here to help!

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